We at Land Services SA manage the South Australian Lands Title Registry and Property Valuation Roll. This puts us at the centre of the South Australian Property Industry, so if you buy, sell or subdivide a property or change your mortgage, it will be processed by us.

In fact, we process over 200,000 property dealings and value over 900,000 properties each year.

For over a century, Certificates of Title have been the official documents held by the government to demonstrate property ownership. More recently, these documents have become digitised and while you can still download a copy of your Certificate of Title, it is a simple PDF that no longer holds the prestigious design of the past.

Our Certificate of Ownership is a similar design to what Certificates of Title used to be. It celebrates property ownership and helps mark milestones in individual or family lives.

You can learn more about who we are and what we do by visiting www.landservices.com.au.

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