About the Certificate

Who is Land Services SA?

We manage the South Australian Lands Titles Registry and Valuation Roll on behalf of the State Government, meaning if something happens to a property, it'll have to come to us at some stage to be registered or updated. In effect, we are the single source of truth of property data in South Australia. Learn more at www.landservices.com.au

What is a Commemorative Certificate of Ownership?

It is a certificate of the style of old Certificates of Title which contains six pieces of accurate information on any South Australian property, taken direct from the Lands Title Registry.

Can I add a name to the certificate?

The Commemorative Certificate of Ownership can only contain the names as listed on the Title Registry, we cannot add names to it.

At what point do I own my property?

You own your property when the transfer has occurred in our (Land Services SA) system and the Title Registry has been updated. This usually occurs when your conveyancer exchanges documents with the other party, enabling them to register the transfer in our system. Note that the transfer does not occur when you win an auction, sign the purchase/sale agreement or put the 'sold' sign up.

Can you add other details to the certificate?

The Commemorative Certificate of Ownership can only contain the data as listed on the Title Registry, we cannot add other data to it.

I have a mortgage, will my mortgage details be included on the certificate?

No mortgage or finance information is included on the certificate.

How do I check a property's ownership?

Anyone can access details of property ownership by visiting the 'South Australian Integrated Land Information System' (known as SAILIS). Simply log in as a guest, select Land Search from the menu and choose Title Details. Enter the address and for $11.80 you can download a report showing all details on the Certificate of Title.

Can the certificate be used for any legal purposes?

This certificate has absolutely no legal standing and is purely decorative.

Where is the certificate printed?

All printing is done in Adelaide, South Australia.

Can I order a Certificate of Ownership for a property outside of South Australia?

This Certificate of Ownership is only available for South Australian properties. For Victorian properties, search for the ‘Commemorative
Certificate of Title’ from SERV which is similar in style and nature.


Order and Shipping

What is the order process?

The order process is simple:
1. Order your certificate via the orders page of this website. You will need to state the street address of the property and identify the owner names that are on the Title (you do not need to include full names including middle names).
2. Pay via your prefered payment method
3. We check the Title Registry for the property you have ordered and compare the names you have listed to those on the Title. If they are the same or similar enough (eg Robert v Rob) we process payment and print the certificate. If not, we will contact you.
4. The certificate is carefully rolled up, put into a cardboard mailing tube and sent via Australia Post to the delivery address you have nominated (which can be different to the property address on the certificate). Australia Post will send you an email and/or an SMS with tracking details.

How do I order for multiple properties?

If you would like to order certificates for multiple properties you'll need to go through the normal order process for each individual certificate separately, we have no way of bulk ordering at this time. To order multiple copies of a certificate for a single address, you can simply increase the quantity at the checkout page.

How do I track my order?

We use Australia Post to deliver the certificates. They will send you tracking details by email and/or SMS.

How quickly will I receive my order?

We print and send all certificates within 48 hours of receiving the order. Australia Post will deliver next day for South Australian metro deliveries, so if you're in South Australia you'll receive your order in between 2 and 5 days, depending on where you are.

Where can it be posted?

We can post to any address in Australia, the postage fee is included in the price.

How do I cancel and order?

In the unlikely event that an order needs to be cancelled, simply email us (yoursaproperty@landservices.com.au) your order number and the reason for cancelling. Note that orders can only be cancelled before they are delivered to Australia Post.

What if I receive my certificate and it has different information on it to what I expected?

We check the street address and owner names that you provide against what is held on the Title Registry. If there is a significant difference we will contact you to double check and at this point, if you do not want to proceed, you can cancel without ever being charged. If there is no significant difference we will print the certificate with the details as they are listed on the Title Registry.

- If a sale has been agreed but transfer has not completed, the owner details on the Title will vary from what you have supplied us and this will be a flag for us to double check.
- If more than one person is listed on the Title but you have provided only one name, we will double check with you.
- If only one person is listed on the Title and you have provided two peoples's names, we will double check with you.

Refund Criteria

Once an order has been posted we will only refund if the package has been damaged during transit or if it does not arrive within 14 days of order, as shown by Australia Post tracking.