Certificate of Ownership

The Ultimate Housewarming Gift

Be remembered for your part in their home ownership achievement.


Certificate of Ownership

The Certificate of Ownership from Land Services SA contains the official details of your client's property, directly from the Official Registry Book.

The gift that stands the test of time

The Certificate of Ownership not only commemorates your client's achievement but also serves as a tangible reminder of their journey and your role in it.

This unique product from Land Services SA contains key pieces of data on your client's property including transfer date, Title number and owner name(s).

Each certificate comes with a cover letter explaining the significance of their property journey.

Give the gift that will outlast chocolates and champagne.

Personalise the cover letter with your branding and a custom message

Demonstrate your property industry expertise by adding your logo and message to the cover letter.

This message, direct from the Land Services SA CEO, explains the history of Torrens Title and the significance of their purchase.

By adding your branding to this letter you connect yourself to the property transaction process and position your brand as an authoritative industry insider.

How to Order


    Unbranded Cover Letter

    Each certificate automatically ships with the standard cover letter. For low volumes this is your best option.

    Simply order each certificate and use the 25% B2B discount code you've already been given (check the document that brought you to this page).

    Order Unbranded Here
  • Branded Cover Letter

    Cement yourself as part of the home ownership journey with your brand on the cover letter.

    Order branded cover letters up front, then order each certificate when you need it, use your special 30% discount code and we'll only ship the certificate. You can then include your branded certificate in your gift.

    Minimum order quantity is 50, order them below ⬇